Fashion, art, recipes, and music; Meghan's love of creating with fabric, colours, sound, vegetables, and teaching tells wordless stories that could not be described any other way.


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3 years in the making across the globe, with Nenad Radosevic from The Blend Orchestra, this 8-track album is a fusion of Dreamy - Down Beat, Neoclassical, Singer-Songwriter.

A hauntingly delicate music collaboration, it blends poignant lyricism, seductive vocals, and adventurous sound exploration to create a deeply meditative soundscape, inspired by nature, the elements, and intimate moments.

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Isabelle Moon - The Eco-Conscious Yoga Clothing

Isabelle Moon is the lovechild of Meghan Currie and her deep passion for nature, textures, and creation.

Each Isabelle Moon item is carefully handcrafted in Bali in alignment with earth-loving values. Celebrating the artistry of movement, the elegance of nature, and the beauty of the human form and expression; Isabelle Moon garments balance performance, play, comfort, and class.


200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training | Exquisite Mettamorphosis | 2022 - New Dates Coming Soon | Bali

This 27-day intensive training is designed to take you deep into yourself. Through the alchemical process of yoga, you will learn how to activate the inner healer and cultivate the wisdom that leads to true purpose and passion.

Inspired by traditional breathing practices, Asana, philosophy, and merged with modern tools of self-study, movement, and Meghan’s unique teaching and practice style, each day is layered with practices that help you begin to build healthy habits, strength, and ultimately a more vital, conscious way of life.


Art My Heart

For the love of creating language with colours and lines, telling wordless stories that could not be described any other way.

Art has always been an intrinsic part of Meghan's expansive journey in navigating through inner layers. Art, for her, is the healthiest and sweetest way to enjoy circulating feelings, sculpting the unseeable into a form that can be shared and makes ripples.


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