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The Online Studio is a space for playful yoga-inspired classes to deepen your practice with over 47 hours of video content. Come here to move, breathe, and create delicious mind-body connections!



"I used to think of yoga as one way to exercise but after I have practiced online with Meghan, her sequence and fluidity in the movements make me think yoga is much more than that!"


"Meghan's teaching is deep, soul-stirring medicine. With Meghan, I am not just participating in asana practice; I am invited to show up authentically with my whole self."


"Practicing with Meghan online has been such an unexpected gift, she has this unique ability not only to convey a wonderful asana teaching but also to cultivate the sensation of feeling at home in your body."

What's Included In Membership

Members Journey: Metamorphosis

An exclusive members-only thematic journey over 6 stages. Each theme articulately designed to deepen your practice.


Class Library

Full access to Meghan's library of single classes, including: Vinyasa, Yin, Meditations, Drills, Tutorials and hour-long sessions.


BONUS: Move From Love

One of Meghan's most popular workshops is back and included in the membership! Learn how to create a map of self-practice that inspires growth.


BONUS: Yoga Habit Sculptor

Program included in your membership, Meghan uses ankle weights to help you develop strength to complement your Asana practice.


BONUS: Single Program Discounts

You'll get 20% off all single programs like Wheel Variations, Dancer's Pose, Morning Glow, and Slow Motion Potion whilst you're a member.

Inclusive Community

You can be a part of this beautiful growing global community, engage with other members, and share your thoughts with Meghan and her team!

BONUS: Isabelle Moon Discounts

Discounts on Meghan's very own Yoga and Eco-Lifestyle clothing line, Isabelle Moon, for the lifetime of your membership.


The 6-Stage Member's Journey: Metamorphosis

Born from Meghan's love of witnessing people grow and progress in their practice, this 6-Stage Member’s Journey is designed with comprehensive thematic progression. These six-stage series serve as the foundational building blocks to transform your physical practice.

The 6-Stage Metamorphosis Includes:

  • 18 x Full-Length (1hr+) Progressive Practice with Meghan

  • 6 x Q&A Videos

  • 6 x Drill Practice Videos

  • 6 x Technique Tutorial Videos

  • 6 x Downloadable Workbooks with Journalling Prompts

  • 6 x Foodgasm Recipes with Healthy & Yummy Concoctions

Take a Peek Inside

The Metamorphosis Journey is separated out into each theme so that you can either choose where to begin, or start from the beginning and follow Meghan's programming to develop your practice from each theme to the next.

And this is just a taste as you will be getting 6 themed stages including videos to develop and deepen your practice.

Progressive Themes To Deepen Your Practice

Each stage has been intentionally crafted to build upon the last, guiding practitioners to safely access more expansive practices, on and off the mat. These unique themes will be carried and reflected in the class sessions with Meghan. Including video Practice, Drills, Tutorials, Q&A, and more.

Structured Thematic Journey

Every themed stage in the Metamorphosis Journey has been handcrafted by Meghan's joyful teaching experience.

Each theme will follow a structure including practice, tutorials, drills, Q&A and healthy recipes. All the while, every piece is unique by design to offer new expansion in your practice on the mat and in your every day life.

In each theme, Meghan shares her own discoveries in life with members so that they too can spark new opportunities for growth.


Studio On The Go

Download an app to get access to Meghan's Online Studio on your phone and take your Metamorphosis Journey with you!

Whether you're going away for the weekend, or just want to bring the Studio into your own gym, you can keep in touch with new classes every week.



Mária Luisa Guerra V.

"To be in a class with Meghan Currie was a dream come true. Her classes are magic, and she is indeed a priestess. She guides the class with such love and spicyness. I felt by the end of the class as if I had attended a ceremony. Thank you Meghan, love and admire you so much."

The Classes Library

Jump into the constantly expanding library of Meghan's single classes and practice where you are, and on exactly what you need in this moment.

The Classes Library Includes:

  • Variety of flows between 20-60 minutes

  • Mixed difficulty levels for Beginners, All Levels, Intermediate, and Advanced šŸŒ¶
  • Different types of practice including Vinyasa, Restorative, Stretch, and Meditations
  • Future Access to Meghan's classes, all in one place

Choose Your Class

Meghan's single classes offer something for different needs, desires, and goals.

Hop in any time and pick a flow that matches the time you have and how you want to feel. Every class is categorized with a spice level for difficulty, so you can choose just to flow or challenge yourself.


Jump In And Try Something New

The Online Studio makes it easy to pick out a practice fit for you. Put on some comfy clothes, lay out your mat, and hit play to practice with Meghan anytime it suits you.

Join The Studio Community

Share your experience, and juicy discoveries with the Online Studio community! It's your unique opportunity to let Meghan know what you enjoyed and what you'd like to see more of!


Classes In Your Pocket

Download an app to get access to the Online Studio on your mobile and practice with Meghan wherever you go!


Laura G

"Meghan’s classes are just amazing, they are a combination of sweet, intense and just the perfect combination. The way she teaches is so unique and has change me and my practice forever šŸ¤ I never get tired of your classes, Meghan"

Bonuses Included With Membership

With Online Studio Membership, you'll gain not just access to the 6-Stage Member's Journey: Metamorphosis and Single Classes Library, but also these bonuses:

  • Move From Love Workshop

  • Yoga Habit Sculptor Program

  • Single Program Discounts (for Wheel Variations, Dancer's Pose, Morning Glow, and Slow Motion Potion)

  • Isabelle Moon Eco-Yoga Clothing Discounts

Move From Love Workshop

Inspect what lights you up and what dims you down. Develop your own maps of self-love with Meghan guiding you through each day of reflection and practice.

This intensive was born from Meghan's own life challenges with moving out of fear, and not love.

Structured Workshop

The Move From Love Workshop takes place over 8 days of self-discovery, journalling, and formal Yoga practice.

The video content alone is over 10 hours including introductions by Meghan, meditation, and practice.

This workshop is crafted by Meghan Currie to help you develop your own maps of self-love and grow from this place of acceptance.

Downloadable Extras

The Move From Love Workshop comes with its very own 42-page workbook to aid you on your self-discovery over the 8-day schedule.

Alongside a Love Habit Map for noting your journey of self-love and even a curated Spotify Playlist to enjoy with your practice.


Yoga Habit Sculptor Program

Yoga Habit Sculptor's short classes are packed with concentrated movements designed to pinpoint and strengthen specific muscle groups through resistance training and repetitions.

Progressive Program

This program is all about strength, stamina, and flexibility through comprehensive conditioning exercises to complement your asana practice..

These classes serve as the foundational building block to safely build towards deeper, more expansive openings in the physical yoga practice.



"Usually we associate yoga with the feeling of sweetness, Meghan Curries classes combine all the flavours, classical simple yoga postures flowing into them with a new, unique, challenging style.

Salty, spicy, and when you go deeper you may face bitterness, the sweetest torture. Creative flows bringing you to your edge, safe and helping you grow."

This membership is for you if

Practice Level

You are an experienced beginner to advanced practitioner

Specific Practice

You have a limited period of time to practice and want a range of various classes to choose from

Inner Work

You are committed to elevating your practice, physically and mentally


You want to learn, share, and be part of an engaged, vibrant community

Pricing Options*


$27 per month

  • Exclusive thematic 6-stage Yoga journey
  • Access the ever-growing library of Meghan's single classes
  • Q&A with Meghan
  • Studio Community
  • Meditations, Drills & Tutorials
  • Workbooks, Recipes & Recommendations
  • Yoga Habit Sculptor
  • Move From Love workshop
  • 20% discount on single purchase programs
  • Discounts on Isabelle Moon Yoga & Eco-lifestyle clothing 

Best Value!

$276 per year ($324)

$23 per month, save 15%

  • Exclusive thematic 6-stage Yoga journey
  • Access the ever-growing library of Meghan's single classes
  • Q&A with Meghan
  • Studio Community
  • Meditations, Drills & Tutorials
  • Workbooks, Recipes & Recommendations
  • Yoga Habit Sculptor
  • Move From Love workshop
  • 20% discount on single purchase programs
  • Discounts on Isabelle Moon Yoga & Eco-lifestyle clothing

*Memberships do NOT include the 5-day programs; Wheel Variations, Dancer's Pose, Morning Glow, or Slow Motion Potion. They are single purchases that will gain you repeated access to that program only.



More programs

Wheel Variations

Stretch Out of Your Comfort Zone: a 5-day exploration of multilayered, progressive, fun, and challenging poses in Wheel and its variations.

Dancer's Pose Progression

The Vulnerable Process of Confidence: a 5-Day Journey of progressively building a strong and vibrant dancer's pose while cultivating patience and self-confidence.

Morning Glow

Tune Your Day with the Vision You Want to Create: a 5-Day Journey into a flow of clarity, connection to your purpose in life, and to flame tiny sparks into everything you do each day.