Tune Your Day with the Vision You Want to Create






Make your work to be in keeping with your purpose

- Leonardo da Vinci



Morning Glow:

Tune Your Day with the Vision You Want to Create

A 5-day Journey into a flow of clarity, connection and purpose.


About The Journey

Morning Glow is all about connecting to clarity of direction by inquiring more deeply into what lights us up!

Morning time is the most exquisite time for tuning our minds and bodies to the tones of our truest truths and connecting to our purpose. This program facilitates us to come to a place of balance and joy within through connecting to the things that we really want to create and plugging that into everything we do in a day.

Wake up, get onto your mat, and tune in to all the things that are really important to you; all the things that you want to create. The effects of this is a deep inner effervescent glow!

I put a lot of myself into this program! It contains many of the different questions and inquiries that have helped me gain clarity along the way. 

It has helped me to understand more of what it is that I want to start, to peel away the layers of my purpose, and then to be able to put various things into action. I love keeping myself motivated, and all the practices in this program has facilitated me in that process.



The Morning Glow Journey: 5 Practices of 35-40 Minutes Each 

Day 1

Clarity of Direction 

Rise and Balance


This practice is all about clarity and direction. By inquiring into the meaning of "purpose" we can become more curious about what that is.  

Day 2

Lean In

Making friends with fear


In this practice explore the possibility of making friends with our fear, and in doing so, cultivating an ability to use them to empower greater strength and inspiration. 

Day 3

Shape Your Day

Today is yours


This practice is an exploration on the empowering act of shaping our day by tuning into the truth of what we really want to sculpt! 


Day 4

Shifting Focus

Invest in the Now


Today we will look at the power of shifting our focus upon what it is we want to create, and how this can help to disarm the charge from our own inner critic.  


Day 5

The Truth Of Your Beauty

Yield to gravity 

Today we'll be doing a little yin yang practice that will involve a lot of opening. We will use the effort to activate within a stretching position, and also within that same pose we'll play around with completely surrendering and yielding to gravity. We will hold the poses for a little bit longer, so we get some time to really experience our breath and the opening within the pose.


What You Will Get

  • 5, 30-45 minute sweet, slinky, and strong flows to get your day started
  • Intro lecture, intention setting, and inspiring quotes to cultivate clear focus on what you want to create 
  • An accompanying Morning Glow Workbook with daily journal prompts and contemplations
  • 5 curated playlists on Spotify for each day of practice

This course is accredited by the Yoga Alliance and counts as 3,5 hours for Continuing Education (CE) requirements.


Who is this Journey for? 

This Journey is for you if you are looking for a short but complete practice that will help you to focus on what it is you want to create!  

Why should I take this Journey?

This intention of the practices is to create get a positive, uplifted environment, by connecting to what's important to you, internally and externally. Designed to create an inner environment of self-motivation, and focus, so you can the baby steps of take action toward what you want to create for the day, and in life!

How will this Journey change my life?

Waking up and remembering our inner truth is a practice of tapping into something bigger. Wherever there is this remembrance combined with any kind of inquiry, there is transformation.  Little by little, this practice helps us to remain more steadily connected to our centre.  

This Journey will make me feel...

By looking deeper into what motivates you and what limiting beliefs arise during the practice, you will gain more clarity and focus, feel self-inspired, and have a clear sense of purpose of what action to take each day.

This course is for you if:

Practice Level

You have some experience with yoga and like a little bit of spice! 

Specific Practice

Heart openers, standing balancing, hips, this Journey sweetly accesses every corner. 

Inner Work

You are ready to self-motivate to connect to your purpose, and tap into more clarity and creativity


You have a limited period of time to practice and just want to dive into the flow

How long will I have access to the course? 

 You’ll have lifetime access to the course 

 I purchased this course and it turned out that it does not suit me, can I ask for a refund?

We have a 14 days money back guarantee for all purchases. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can email us at [email protected], and request your full refund within 14 days of original purchase.

If I still have questions, who can help me?

Our team is always happy to assist. Just drop a message at [email protected]


Investment $139 USD


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