What’s in the way, IS the way

personal growth Jun 18, 2021


Indeed, it’s been a challenging year (and a half? hehe) for all of us! I personally have experienced many moments of heightened discomfort.

When we feel discomfort our automated response is to duck, run, hide, distract, resist, protect and push it away. All of these actions create contraction and tension. There is a quote by Mary O’Malley from her book What’s in the Way IS the Way:

“What's in the way IS the way. Whatever you are experiencing is a doorway into a more spacious place. So rather than resisting discomfort, you can learn how to open to what you are experiencing and explore it, without any need to have it be any different than what it is.”


Instead of running, we lean in just a wee bit and remember we can handle it. That whatever it is we are becoming stronger because of it.  

“Learn how to open to what you are experiencing and explore it”, becoming malleable and curious, rather than rigid and frozen.

I love this topic and find it impactful to practice this on the mat. Our physical practice can be a place of great comfort and discomfort; the perfect place to practice leaning into what we want to run from. 

I created a whole program called “Wheel Variations: Stretch out of your Comfort Zone and into Your Zone of Growth” that is based on this theme of consciously moving out of our comfort zone and into our zone of growth.

Today I’m excited to share one of the practices from the program for free for you to try!


Powerful Wheel: Just a Little Beyond Comfort

Through the practice that I’m sharing, you will learn how to discern where your zone of comfort and zone of discomfort lies. Discerning and playing within these two zones will help us learn to identify when or where we automatically tend to run and resist, and how to lean in, accept, and stretch little by little into our zone of growth.

If you feel a bit spiced up, and stretched out of your comfort zone, don’t worry! Take it at your own pace and listen deeply to the feedback from your body.  You will feel a little more expanded and open after each class. You might even be able to see how you can tap into a greater power when you take little steps out of your comfort zone!

See you on the mat!