Cellular Respiration

breath Apr 22, 2021


I hope you are having a lovely week! 

Last week I shared a little bit about the amazing process of breathing. Some of the keys were about how the brain stem initiates breathing by sending a message through the nervous system to the diaphragm and ribs causing them to contract. This increases the space inside the ribs, expanding the lungs. Lung expansion drops the lungs internal air pressure making air rush in.

The lungs' interior is divided into hundreds of millions miniature balloon-like shapes called alveoli that increase the contact area to somewhere around 100 square meters. The alveolar walls are made of thin flat cells surrounded by capillaries and gas diffuses into cells from their surroundings.

This week I want to share with you another part of this genius mind blowing symphony: Cellular respiration.

As you know, we need energy to fuel all the activities in our bodies,  such as contracting muscles and maintaining a resting potential in our neurons. When we think of breathing we might think of the nose, mouth, trachea diaphragm and lungs. But the actual full process involves the entire body. Cells need oxygen as it is a key ingredient of aerobic or cellular respiration, a process that produces ATP, Adenosine triphosphate. ATP is a potential energy that is used by the entire body to function and cells use ATP to power their functions.

Here is a video that breaks down this incredible process!


The Importance Of Oxygen


I love how learning more about the deeper process of breathing really has opened my eyes to realize why breath really is boss.  

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